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GIF Duvet

GIF Duvet

Why is this funny? Well, we’ll explain it to you.

See, GIFs are animated images, which are pictures that move. Now, there are websites like Tumblr, where people like to post GIFs that feature human adults engaging in sexual acts with each other. On some of these websites, GIFs will have this symbol over them when they haven’t started playing because the user needs to click the image to start the animation.

Are you seeing where this is headed? Good.

Having the GIF symbol on your bedspread humorously implies that some “action” can or will take place there. Sex action. Doing it in real life with another person. Probably a person that you met on the Internet or on Tinder or something. In fact, sending them a photo of your GIF bedspread might be a good way to invite them over some bedroom action.

Let us know how it works out for you!

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