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Dancing with Jesus instructional book

Dancing with Jesus instructional book

Who would have ever guessed that The Carlton was such a divine dance move?

Being willing to dance and being able to dance are not the same thing. This book should land you somewhere right in the middle. Maybe you’ve never had the confidence to get your booty out on the floor before… But that’s why this book was chosen for our Singles Awareness Day countdown!

It’s time to stop spending the night watching your twelve best friends have all the fun! Get out there amongst our people! Get the Spirit in you!

Okay but here’s the deal, though. Jesus dances like a white dude, so this is entry-level stuff, here. We’re talkin’ The Temptation Tango, The Water Walk, The Judas Hustle. Strictly the basics of boogie but if it’s good enough for Jesus then it’s good enough for us!

Now what songs do you think the DJ has? “I’ve Got the Power (Of Christ)”? “I Will Survive (And Return Three Days Later to Ascend to Heaven”? “Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough (Bread and Fish, Seriously, I Can Manifest As Much As We Need)”?

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