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Thin Mints Cereal

Thin Mints Cereal

Do we even need to write anything about this product?

It’s officially licensed Thin Mints cereal. If you aren’t already looking for the button you need to click to get at least one box of this on the way to your house and on the way to being inside your mouth, well, let’s just say that you and every person who works at drunkMall have very different priorities in life.

Girl Scout cookies are currently being sold all over the United States. It’s either smart or kind of them to wait until February to go on sale with the snacking equivalent of the most addictive drug you can think to insert here. You know, they let everyone entertain themselves with New Years’s Delusions, er, Resolutions for a full month before stepping back in like, “Hey! Remember us? That’s right – we’ve got boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies for your mouth hole!”

Get some Thin Mints cereal through the link.

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