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Skeleton Leather Jacket

Skeleton Leather Jacket

So you might want to take a few self-defense classes before wearing this jacket in public because there are a lot of people who would KILL to own it!

After “the shit” goes down, these stupid pieces of paper we call money in America will be worth less than the paper it’s printed on. Our economy will revert back to a barter system of services and trade goods. Leather jackets will be highly sought after for their durability against the elements and protection from minor injury.

Leather jackets like this?

Oh, you can’t even imagine how valuable this jacket will be in the post-apocalypse. Think about it. You think the gang of badasses that you want to join for maximum survival odds is just gonna let you in based on your own coolness?

Sorry, you aren’t that cool.

Show up rocking this jacket though…

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