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Vibrating Sex Snorkel

Vibrating Sex Snorkel

Stay downtown for as long as it takes your partner to catch the O Train with a Snorkel O!

Snorkel O is a non-intrusive breathing apparatus that fits in the wearer’s nostrils. Rubber tubing connects to both sides of the nose piece to supply fresh air by wrapping around the sides of the wearer’s head to cinch the entire thing securely in place. Hands-free!

Ready for the twist?

There’s a small vibrating motor in the nose piece! Just switch it on to kick things into O-verdrive whenever you want. The motor’s battery lasts about 30 minutes and is non-replaceable because the Snorkel O is made to be disposable! (Don’t worry. The price is right.)

The stakes on making bets with the significant other just became much more interesting!

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