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Plush Squirrel

Plush Squirrel

Squirrels are so cute.

They’re total assholes, for sure. But they’re cute.

Some people out there have managed to make loving house pets out of exceptionally friendly squirrels but that’s a difficult task and not recommended. So if you just can’t go another day without having a squirrel share your home with you then we’d like to suggest this cruelty free alternative to browsing Craigslist at 3am looking for a good deal on amateur taxidermy.

Posed like a gray squirrel about to pounce on a freshly spotted acorn, this plush figure is made by hand and comes with an informational tag that gives details on a wild squirrel’s lifestyle, habitat and eating habits. So if you’re 100% out of your damn mind then you’ll know what kind of food to pretend feed your pretend squirrel!

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