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Baphomet Statue

Baphomet Statue

Don’t freak out. We’re not trying to convert you to some pagan religion right now or anything. It’s just a statue of Baphomet. You know, goth stuff!

Everyone should go through a goth phase at least once in their life.

Who knows?

Maybe you’ll like it so much on the dark side that you decide to stay there!

Let’s see…

The music is good and you get to play dress up any time there’s a show in town. Actually, there doesn’t even have to be a show. If you check around, there’s probably a “goth night” or two in your area with a fully built-in scene.

People have been taking their dates to horror movies for decades because of how horny all the adrenaline makes you. That’s gotta count for something.

You don’t have to care about all the things everyone else cares about because you’re supposed to be dead inside. So that’s also nice.

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