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Plastic Bottle Ribbonator

Plastic Bottle Ribbonator

Trash takes up a lot of space. That’s the problem with trash, if you’ve never thought about it before. Here’s another problem with trash: it’s useless. You can’t do anything with it and it doesn’t serve any purpose other than to be shitty trash taking up space on the planet. (Calm down, Portland. Nobody wants to buy your trash birdhouse. Get out of here with that.)

These French dudes on Kickstarter have an idea to fix the problem with plastic bottle trash and it’s already more than 20 times over its goal with close to 30 days left to go!

They’re calling it a plastic bottle cutter, which it totally is, but we decided to call it a plastic bottle ribbonator because check this out: in addition to¬†cutting bottles to make them take up less space, it also turns plastic bottles into ribbons of plastic that you can talk someone from Portland into using to make rope!

Then you’ll have some plastic rope!

It’s cheap, fun and environmentally aware – check it out.

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