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Wide-Eyes Contact Lenses

Wide-Eyes contact lenses

Here’s some more of that kawaii action!

These are also known as “circle lenses” and, if you look at the photo closely, you can see that there is a thick, dark border all the way around the “iris” part of the lens. That’s supposed to help give the wearer a wide-eyed look.

Listen, we don’t know. You people send us stuff, we check it out, try to make sense of it and post it on the website. We totally appreciate that! Keep doing it! ([email protected] is the best way to send us the cool stuff you find.) But don’t expect us to have all the answers for you on everything because we don’t have a clue most of the time.

These contact lenses are apparently a thing. Girls who like anime seem to like wearing them. Someone said that Katy Perry wore a pair in one of her music videos. We’ve never seen a Katy Perry music video. (This is an outright lie and we’ll buckle under torture.)

There are all sorts of colors, styles and prescription strengths through the link below but these contact lenses sell out often so check it out now if you’re interested!

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