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Remote Control Centipede

Remote Control Centipede

There are two kinds of people in this world.

The first kind of person is the one who hasn’t seen that video of a giant Asian forest centipede (which looks a lot like this toy) dragging a white mouse down to the ground, wrapping itself around the mouse like a 35-legged vampire and commencing to sucking the life out of the pathetic little creature.

And then the other kind of person in this world is the one who hasn’t seen that video. If that’s you, don’t watch the shit! Seriously, it’s disturbing on a whole other level and you’ll never ever forget having seen it.

Okay, now we’re back to talking to those of you who have seen the video of the giant centipede murdering that poor little mouse…

This is a remote control centipede and it’s what you’re going to use to scare the shit out of all the people to scared to watch that video.

Have fun!

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