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Humane Bug Catcher

Humane Bug Catcher

Just because you don’t want that spider in your house doesn’t mean you have to kill it.

Don’t get it wrong – that impulse to destroy something you fear is biological and nobody’s judging you. Like, there are probably even some Buddhist monks out there that have a hard time not squashing spiders…

But there’s a better way!

To kill a spider, you must get close to a spider. That, or hose down a surface of your home with insecticide. Neither of those options are ideal.

This device allows you to keep every part of your body over two entire feet away from the enemy.

Wield the bug catcher like a gun (satisfying those primal “murder it” impulses) and reach out to ensnare the wicked beast in the grabby tendrils at the end of the stick.

There, now you’ve managed to contain the invader without placing yourself uncomfortably near it and all you have to do is take it outside.

Also works with other bugs but spiders are obviously the main event.

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