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Whipped Cream Maker

Whipped Cream Maker

The cream always rises to the top and this whipped cream maker is the cream of the crop!

So many of the best things in life have cream involved.

Ice cream… creamy soups… creamed corn… (Shutup, it’s good.)

And we haven’t even mentioned all the things that instantly get better when you add whipped cream to them?

Mocha lattes, pie, hot chocolate, strawberries – all of these things are good on their own but they instantly get better when you add whipped cream.

That’s the power of cream!

Take the power of cream into your own two hands with this homemade whipped cream jar!

It’s super easy to make your own whipped cream. You simply add the ingredients to the jar, along with the special silicone balls (included) and then just shake the everloving heck out of the thing until you have whipped cream!

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