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X-Ray Oven Mitt

X-Ray Oven Mitt

Burning all the flesh and sinew off your hand until there’s nothing left but raw bone might sound like a pure badass move.

But actually, kitchen safety is the real pure badass move. (Hey, fuck off. We’re trying to be more responsible in 2017. In case you hadn’t noticed, the entire world has lost its fucking mind and jokes are costing people their jobs.)

Don’t worry – you can still look like a comic book super villain while pulling a pan of homemade lasagna out of the oven. Today we’ve got an x-ray hand oven mitt for you!

It’s an oven mitt that looks like an x-ray of a hand! The x-ray of the hand matches up with where the bones of your hand would be when you put your hand in the glove!

Yeah, it’s pretty genius.

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