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3D Dinosaur Puzzle

3D Dinosaur Puzzle

One does not simply “grow out” of a fascination with dinosaurs…

And it’s certainly not a phase, mom and dad.

Once you find out this planet used to be populated with gigantic lizard creatures, it’s pretty understandable that nothing else happening in life could ever come close to being as interesting as that.

drunkMall has always been way into dino stuff but we only post the best of what we find because there’s a lot of junk out there.

These 3D dinosaur puzzles are super fun. They called it KitRex, which is a little weird because that’s clearly a triceratops right there. It comes shipped in flat sheets of cardboard with 15 foldable pieces. Once you get the whole thing put together then you can color on it. Oh, and it comes with those googly eyes, which is always a good time!

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