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Dinosaur Bones Necklace

Dinosaur Bones Necklace

Got bones?

Strap a T Rex skeleton right across your chest with this large dinosaur necklace! It’s about 7 inches wide, so make sure you’re prepared for massive amounts of bling hanging off that neck.

It’s important to accessorize in a way that lets people know they’re dealing with a savage individual. What better signal than one of history’s most efficient killing machines, the tyrannosaurus rex?

Anyone who acts a fool towards a person wearing this necklace has clearly not seen any of the Jurassic Park films. (Yes, “films.” Not movies. They are important cinematic achievements.)

Remember, a lot of the items that drunkMall features sell out soon after we post them. We don’t like to call home runs in advance but if you like this necklace and it’s still in stock then you should probably get it sooner than later. Dinosaurs… So hot right now!

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