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Junk Food Socks

Junk Food Socks

Calling all snack queens!

Here we have eight pair of the most deliciously decadent footwear imaginable: women’s ankle socks with all-over prints of various foods of varying indulgence!

You’ve got your cookies and ice cream, your pancakes and snack cakes, your doughnuts and sugar cereal… The whole gang’s here!

We were originally going to include this set of socks in the 2016 Fashion Guide for Food Lovers, which you should check out if you haven’t, but they were all sold out!

That means that this is one of those products that never stays in stock for too long, so if you’re out to put some of this mad flavor on your feet then you need to hit up the link below as soon as possible and set these babies on a one-track path straight into your life!

Get ’em!

[If you’d wear these then you MUST SEE drunkMall’s 2016 Fashion Guide for Food Lovers!]

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