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Whale Knife

Whale Knife

Whale that’s a pretty cool knife right there!

Don’t get it wrong – just because this chef’s knife looks exactly like a cute whale doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect it or treat it with the same reverence as some overpriced $350 piece of steel.

This is the real deal, kids. It simply has a sense of humor about itself!

In fact, the way that “fin” is designed on the underside of the knife makesĀ for a much better grip than most traditional chef knife designs. Listen. This think is made of high-carbon Shiroko white steel. This shit isĀ sharp, folks. Not a toy.

So order this knife today (while supplies last) and get a unique piece in your house while you can! We’ve been doing this a while and this knife is one of those things where we post it and everyone buys it immediately and then it sits at “sold out” for the next six months.

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