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Artie (from Pete and Pete) lapel pin

Artie (from Pete and Pete) lapel pin

Anyone who watched Pete & Pete when they were a kid knows exactly who this guy is – it’s Artie, The Strongest Man in the World!

Pete & Pete was a seriously weird show. Go back and watch some clips on YouTube because it’s probably even stranger than you remember. It’s hard to believe it ever made it onto television, really. Like a children’s version of Twin Peaks or something…

This pin is made by Negamidas, a brand with an uncommonly accurate knack for remembering those forgotten things that used to mean a lot to us and bringing them back in the form of some perfect piece of memorabilia. We first found Negamidas because they made a pin out of Enid, a character from the movie Ghost World.

Much like Enid, this Artie pin is top quality. The silver plated nickel finish is filled in with hard enamel and fastens securely thanks to double posts with a hard rubber clutch on the back. The pin is 1.5″ tall.

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