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No Duh Pin

No Duh Pin

Kids these days don’t understand what it’s like.

They got their pokey mans and battery-operated doo dads with the angry turkeys and candy smashers and all. But you remember what it’s like to not have any toys for play time except for Play Doh, don’t you?

You remember the Play Doh – the texture, the taste…

(Why did it have to be so salty? Homemade playdoh was even saltier. Is there something about salt that makes it… Oh, you know what? They probably made it salty so kids wouldn’t eat it… Well THAT didn’t work.)

Pay tribute to your repressed past and current sarcastic personality with this charming No-Duh enamel pin!

Put it on your backpack or jacket or shirt to let people no that you respect the struggle that comes with few toys and that you’re also deeply sarcastic and witty!

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