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Yellow Submarine Bathroom Helper

Yellow Submarine Bathroom Helper

You don’t have to live on a yellow submarine to appreciate how precious space in a bathroom can be!

Even if you’ve got a comfortable amount of counter with the bathroom sink, you know how quickly it becomes one of those catch-all places in the house. One day it’s perfectly clean and before you know it there’s a solid layer of grooming products, hair brushes, detective novels and cotton swabs. Where the hell is the toothpaste when you go looking for it?

This modular submarine is actually a convenient bathroom set to help you keep at least a few things organized where you need them to be. The whole thing, end to end, is under a foot long. Each segment of the organizer can be removed from the whole but when you set them next to each other they are held together with magnets.

You get a liquid soap dispenser, a cup for holding a toothbrush and toothpaste, plus two ed pieces for holding various small items.

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