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Crazy Chihuahua Phone Case

Crazy Chihuahua Phone Case

A person’s phone case should represent their personality.

Some of you are are overexcited, crosseyed chihuahuas listening to music. You just are. This whole “life” experience will go a lot smoother for you if you accept this now and move forward accordingly. Get the phone case. It’ll help.

You’ll have a constant reminder that you’ve accepted your spirit animal and come to peace with your true inner self. Also, other people will be able to get a hint of the kind of person you are when they see your phone case.

These signals are important, you know.

Some people hate hyper little dogs and if you’re a lot like a hyper little dog then you probably don’t like those haters very much either. If everyone was required to have a phone case of their spirit animal then things would probably be a lot simpler all around, don’t you think?

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