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Cthulhu Monopoly

Cthulhu Monopoly

It’s safe to say that H.P. Lovecraft never imagined that anything he ever wrote in his life would be turned in to one of the most popular board games in history.

Thankfully, the limits of Lovecraft’s imagination (as far out there as that may be) have no control over this dimension of reality! Because we’re looking at it right here, boys and ghouls: Cthulhu Monopoly!

Gameplay is the same as regular Monopoly but the properties and cards take on aspects of the mythos found in Lovecraft’s horrifying tales. Instead of money, players trade Insanity points to acquire power and dominance over the landscape of the terrifying game board.

Gather some friends and make sure you all have your wits about you because you may all be forever changed by the time you make it to the end of the game!


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