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Silver Thinking Putty

Silver Thinking Putty

You ever see the things they say in advertisements for fidget spinners?

They keep trying to sell ’em by acting like they help with ADD or help you concentrate on stuff.

Well, if that’s true, then anything should help you concentrate on stuff. Because a fidget spinner is just a thing.

Silly putty was a thing, too. Remember silly putty?

If playing with fidget things helps people think, then surely playing with a piece of putty can help people think. So here’s thinking putty.

It comes in over 20 different styles or colors. There’s some that glows in the dark. Lots of glitter ones and oil slick color ones.

We like the silver one because if you also happen to have a magnet around then this putty responds to magnets, which is far more interesting than a fidget spinner, right?

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