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Fish Slippers

Fish Slippers

Here, fishy fishy!

How many times has a conversation like this played out in your house:

“Honey… Have you seen my lake shoes?”

‘The black ones?’

“Well, they used to be black… I don’t know what color you’d call ’em now…”

‘Uh, I’m not sure. Check the closet!’

“There’s 20 pairs of shoes in there…”

Yeah, you need some footwear that you don’t care about to have anything resembling fun out there in the filthy world but that footwear doesn’t have to be hard to find!

These slippers look like a pair of beautiful bass on your feet!

Perfect for a day out on the lake or pretty much any other casual outdoor activity that doesn’t involve running. (So horseshoes and BBQing are a yes but kickball and flag football probably aren’t a great idea in these or any other flip-flop type sandal.)

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