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Singles Awareness Day countdown

Singles Awareness Day countdown

Hopefully you’ve already noticed a new tag in use on drunkMall, or at least seen a few posts here and there with the letters “SAD” at the beginning of them and wondered what was up with that.

Here’s what’s up with that: drunkMall is doing a countdown to Feb. 14th, which is when we will be celebrating Singles Awareness Day. Why? Well, mostly because we like to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing and we always root for the underdogs. But also because single people have to put up with bullshit on a daily basis that people in relationships don’t even realize.

Most forms of news and entertainment (oxymoron, much?) are geared specifically towards couples. Starting in childhood, modern culture and media imply that “normal” people are in relationships or want to be in relationships and only weirdos would want to be single. That’s ridiculous!

Not everyone has to want the same things out of life. Being single has its advantages, too, and drunkMall will make one post a day celebrating those freedoms right up until D-Day hits!

So follow along with the posts, share them with your friends and leave a comment with your plans for Singles Awareness Day!

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