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Mobile Projector

Mobile Projector

Walking around with a big screen TV in your pocket ain’t no big deal, kids – this is 2017!

The Cube is a mere 2 inches on every side, yet it projects up to 120 inches of display!

That’s a 10 foot image thrown up on whatever surface you choose.

With Micro SD, HDMI and MHL inputs, your options for data sources are versatile. Its rechargeable battery lasts 90 minutes but you can also use a power adapter to keep it going for longer.

Every order comes with a mini tripod, remote control, USB charger plus HDMI and MHL connector cables! When was the last time you bought something that came with all the cables you need to actually use it?

Bonus Time: you also get a 1 year warranty with the purchase, so what’s stopping you from pulling the trigger on this buy right now?

Get one!

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