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Cupcake Flavored Toothpaste

Cupcake Flavored Toothpaste

Life is short. Start your day with a bit of dessert!

That morning routine just became a little bit sweeter because now you can get cupcake flavored toothpaste! It’s like celebrating someone’s birthday every time you brush your pearly whites. Don’t swallow it, though. That wouldn’t be good. It only tastes like cupcakes. And you don’t want to use it as frosting on real cupcakes, either, weirdo.

Most of the toothpaste made for grownups is all minty or menthol and a lot of people don’t like that. Sometimes the menthol is so strong it feels like your whole mouth is burning. First thing in the morning, that can be a bit much. So here’s a tasty alternative to the norm, which is also a fun way to get young children to form good hygiene habits or just a silly amenity to leave in the guest bathroom.

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