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Edamame Keychain

Edamame Keychain

We’ve got a new contender for cutest keychain of all time!

Edamame is one of the most fun foods to eat and this keychain recreates the experience for you to play with whenever you get bored.

You’ve seen all these “fidget” gadgets being sold on social media, right? Cubes with buttons and clickers and wheels you spin and whatnot. Yeah, if you have one of those things, just know that you make at least one person want to murder you every time you play with it in public. (We found this out the hard way with the infinite bubble wrap phone case. People out there have frazzled nerves, apparently.)

This doesn’t make any sound.

So if you do happen to be a fidgeter, then you can have¬†your ADHD play time without driving other people crazy. If you’re not a fidgeter, this is still a really great time!

It’s like edamame that you can pop out over and over and over!

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