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Playing Pandas Phone Case

Playing Pandas Phone Case

Cutest phone case in human history?


Cutest phone case in panda history?


Like a short stack of cuddly awesomeness, the back of this phone case has three rosy-cheeked panda bears dog-piled on top of each other.

Getting left on read?

Hate it every day when your alarm goes off so early?

Instagram notifications not coming in like you want?

Just flip your phone around for a reminder that it’s not so bad and life is totally worth living because adorable animals exist! You can even look up videos of baby animals (especially pandas) playing around with each other on YouTube!

This case is made of soft silicone and fits various iPhone models. It also comes in versions with other animals, like a unicorn, cow and another one that’s supposed to be a cat but honestly looks more like a rabbit – go check ’em out!

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