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Magnetic Bottle Cap Target

Magnetic Bottle Cap Target

Target practice makes perfect!

If you ever find yourself in a combat situation armed only with bottle caps, you’ll be glad you purchased this item.

It’s just a target, sure. But it’s a magnetic target, so you can multitask while preparing to relax with whatever fine bottled beverages you enjoy…

Pop your top and launch it at the target to see how your aim is today!

The target is designed to resemble an overgrown bottlecap itself, just in case anyone couldn’t tell what it’s for by all the caps you have stuck to it.

Now, any friends, family, acquaintances and strangers who come over are sure to want to try their own hand at this once they see it. A lot of them will not have developed their skills. It’s for this reason that we recommend setting your target up above (or at least near) a trash can for misses.

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