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Cosmo Cocktail Tape Dispenser

Cosmo Cocktail Tape Dispenser

Having a drink after work is pretty common practice for a lot of people. It’s like a reward for having gotten through another day on the job. And for some people (with extra crappy jobs) that drink at the end of the day is more like a carrot on a stick. Motivation, if you will…

We aren’t in the Mad Men-era anymore. Offices don’t come complete with fully-stocked cocktail carts anymore. You probably aren’t even supposed to keep a pint of peppermint schnapps in one of the desk drawers! (Yeah, it’s an alarming degree of sobriety they’re trying to enforce, here.)

But this cute little tape dispenser that looks like a pink cosmo in a martini glass should be an acceptable piece of office flair, right?

How many people out there still use tape?!

If you use tape, use this tape dispenser!

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