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GIVEAWAY: Tyrion Poster

Tyrion Poster

Get some Tyrion Lannister on your wall as soon as possible with this poster featuring the best quote from our favorite character from our favorite show!

The official Game of Thrones teasers have already begun for the next season, which is a pretty brutal level of cockteasing since the show doesn’t come back until the middle of July. The wait doesn’t have to be so bad, though. You can take comfort in this line of dialog that, once spoken, became the greatest “OMG SAME” moment in the history of television – Tyrion Lannister informing his companions that what he does is drink and know things.

This quote is shown below a photo of Tyrion at a table, wineglass fairly empty, hands clasped and gaze distant in thought. It’s an oddly touching tribute to a great character.

By the way, can we all make a pact to stop watching the show if Tyrion dies?


Whether you’re a street urchin from King’s Landing or a lord/lady of Highgarden, your odds of winning a Tyrion poster from drunkMall are all the same!

Tyrion Poster

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