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Churro Makers

Churro Makers

Ever had those crunchy cinnamon stick desserts at Taco Bell?

Oh, don’t pretend you’re better than that!

We’ve all made regrettable dietary decisions after last call. It’s part of the deal…

Anyway, those fast food dessert sticks have about as much as common with a churro as the rest of their menu has anything to do with actual Mexican food – but it’s about the closest thing to a churro that most Americans will have had an experience with.

Churros are delicious.

There’s probably a hundred different ways you can make them, so we aren’t even gonna get into that. But if you want to absolutely dominate the dessert game at a dinner party or something, then this churro maker is what’s up. It’s just a pastry. Nothing too difficult. In fact, kids can even help make them and it’s a fun thing to do together as a family, if you’ve made those type of mistakes with your life.

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