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Skull Necklace Watch

Skull Necklace Watch

Keep an eye on the time before it all runs out!

What appears to be a hefty, bronze-colored skull pendant is in reality a stylish watch. This isn’t a sugar skull by any means but the design of the skull, with its exaggerated and circular eye sockets, is slightly reminiscent of Dia de los muertos nicknacks.

With a flip-open lid in the style of old-timey pocket watches, it’s a convenient and fashionable reminder that time is our most valuable (and limited) resource.

The watch locket comes on a long chain that makes this one of those low-hanging necklaces. If you don’t like that then you could always buy a clip chain built for pocket watches and wear it in that style.

A great gift for any man or woman who puts time into their appearance and appreciates the darker things in life (and death).

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