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Elvira Leggings

Elvira Leggings

Calling all Mistresses of the Dark!

We found your new favorite pair of leggings.

It’s slightly confusing when you first see it because you’re looking at skintight leggings that feature a high quality image of a woman baring her own legs.

But once you work your way up to the booty and take in the full picture then you realize that it’s a picture of the always sexy Elvira!

The anti-beauty queen role model for ex-goths and aspiring witchy women everywhere, Elvira is one of the most famous “vamps” in America and just an all-around awesome character that we can all agree deserves a place of honor on your shapely figure.

Just in time for Halloween but you’ll be wearing these all year round because they’re just that cool.

Get your orders in while supplies last!

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