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Ghost Pepper Peanuts

Ghost Pepper Peanuts

Fans of super spicy snacks, these could be the nuts you’re looking for!

If you like the heat, you may already recognize that logo. Da Bomb makes some of the hottest hot sauces in the game. (Seriously, if you think this is just marketing baloney and nothing could be that hot, this stuff isn’t playing around.)

One of the hottest peppers on the planet is the Naga Jolokia (aka Ghost Pepper). That’s what they used to spice these peanuts. When you pop the lid, you may think the peanuts don’t look so bad. Do yourself a favor and and only eat one at first. Grabbing a handful and throwing it in your mouth would be a mistake for most human beings.

Speaking of mistakes, this is a great snack but you’ll want to make sure not to eat too many in one sitting or else things could take a turn for the worse in your digestive system. We’ll spare you the details. You were warned.

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