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An Ocarina

An Ocarina

Of Time?

Well, sure! Everything is “of” time, isn’t it?

As Ray Cummings said, “Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.” Ah, good one, Ray! We didn’t know they had the chronic back in 1922. Those were different times…

Is anyone surprised we’re posting another Zelda item? If so, you haven’t been paying attention. Ocarina of Time is perhaps the greatest video game of ever ever but we never thought about the fact that ocarinas are a real instrument and anyone can buy one!

In addition to having a Triforce symbol, this is a 12 hole ocarina, which is, like, 11 more holes than you need to get an invitation to a drunkMall party.

The mouth hole people! The mouth. For drinking of booze. Geez. Don’t act like we’re a bunch of creepy ‘70s P.E. teachers.

So yeah, anyone who brings an ocarina to a drunkMall party is definitely going to be out favorite person at the party!

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