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Cyberpunk Can Carrier

Cyberpunk Can Carrier

This is the future we’re supposed to be living in, right here.

Look at that picture!

All of the technology required for the real world to look that totally already exists. Literally all we’d have to do is spend less money on ugly lighting and more money on awesome lighting like neon signs and… looks like a pink spotlight or something…

Give us the dystopian sci-fi future look!

This beverage carrying tube will help you look the part until William Gibson starts scripting reality like we want him to do. From ThinkGeek’s new “Cyperpunk 17” line, it’s a black fabric tube with a carrying strap and futuristic LED panels displaying the words “DRINKS AVAILABLE” in katana script.

A full load lets you show up with six 12 ounce cans or four 16 ounce cans and look cool while doing it!

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