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EXCLUSIVE: The Ultimate Pizza Party Swag List

The Ultimate Pizza Party Swag List

Find what you love and let it kill you.

-Charles Brewkowski

The strongest bond in life is that between pizza and your mouth. The second strongest bond is between humans with a mutual admiration and respect for the ultimate food of foods: that’s right, pizza.

drunkMall threw together this list of products to help your next pizza party pop off on a legendary level – so check this swag out, share it with your friends, do what ya do!

#1 The Little Red (And Buttery Yellow) Dress


Pepperoni Pizza Dress

Someone at the party has to be dressed better than everyone else, so it might as well be you (or your date), right? Right! Girl, if you’ve got curves like the crust on an extra-large pan pizza, show that shape off right.

#2 Private Pizza Club Membership Pendants


Pizza Pendant Friendship Necklaces

Do you want every rando who walks by and smells the deliciousness to try crashing your soirée? No. You do not. Exclusivity is key to a party vibe. Nip that noise in the bud:

  1. Mail a slice pendant to everyone attending the party.
  2. Hire a security guard.
  3. Nobody gets in unless accompanied by a pendant wearer.

VIP Status: Unlocked

#3 Pizza Party Favors Swag Bag

Pizza Design Mini Backpack


Showing up empty-handed to an event like this is simply out of the question. Whatever you’re bringing – and we aren’t asking questions – toss it into this mini-backpack and be on your way.

#4 Sophisticated Canvas Print Artwork 


Pizza Bath canvas print

Perhaps you’re the host this month. Everyone already knows you appreciate fine foods. This is your opportunity to show off your refined taste in other areas of common adult interests, namely Art.

#5 Countertop Pizza Oven

Rotating Pizza Oven

There’s only one thing that sucks about cooking up a cheese wheel and that’s having to be apart while it’s in the oven. No longer an issue. Spend every second together, from inception to digestion, with one of these rotating cookers. Need to scale up the output for a big crowd? Imagine a countertop full of these bad boys…

#6 Pizza Cones for Dessert


Pizza Cones Kit

Ice cream cones? Yeah, maybe if this was an 8 year-old’s birthday party. This is the big leagues and we don’t play. The only acceptable dessert after a meal of pizza is more pizza. Switch up the delivery system with cones if you must, but get it on and get it in you.

#7 Pepperoni Nipple Pasties

Pepperoni Pizza Pasties


Our parties get weird and we hope yours do, too! When the vibe switches, you want to make sure you leave a big impression. Easy to do, if you remembered to slap these pasties on before heading out!

#8 Greasy Pizza Pajamas


Greasy Pizza Pajamas

By this time, you should be a greasy mess, inside and out, and you’re probably ready for bed. Onesies are back and you know we found the perfect pajamas for this magical night. Get comfy.

#9 The Personal Pan Bedspread


Pepperoni Pizza Bedspread

We’ve all fantasized about sinking into a giant pizza and drifting off to sleep. No? Just us? Well, fine, but this is still a super comfy blanket.

#10 Pizza Slice Pool Float


Pizza Slice Pool Float

It’s the next morning and you don’t have to go to work, so throw on your hangover swimsuit, grab your shades and hit up the pool for a long float. We recommend canned beer, since glass is dangerous and probably against the rules.

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