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Raised on Biggie and Nirvana sweater

Raised on Biggie and Nirvana sweater

Not to get all “Kids Who Grew Up in The ’90s Will Get This” on you but you were either there or you weren’t. And if you were there, oh man, let’s just say it was a very different time for music…

Nirvana came out of nowhere and made ’80s Hair Metal look ridiculous. And on the other side of the country we had Notorious B.I.G. reinventing hip hop with some of the dopest tracks and smartest rhymes that hold up to this day! And we had an MTV that would play actual music videos by both of these artists in the same hour!

It’s difficult to think about what’s going on in music today when it gets compared to those times. All the media cares about now is who said what and who’s fighting with who. They turned pop music into a reality show.

Whatever, dude! We got those ’90s albums ripped to our iTunes a long ass time ago and it sounds just as good now as it ever did.

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