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Spider Dog Costume

Spider Dog Costume

Spider dog, spider dog, does whatever, a spider dog does…

Okay the theme song needs work but look at how cute this pet costume is!

Give your dog what he’s always wanted this Halloween: 8 legs and googly eyes!


Dogs don’t want that?

Well, you don’t know that.

Who are you, Dr. Doolittle?

Here’s what a lot of dogs want: attention from humans.

Dressing up the family pooch on Halloween is a sure-fire way to make sure that dog is super popular for the night. Plus think of all the Instagram likes!

You may recall the viral videos from last year of a dog running up on strangers in this costume and scaring the shit out of them. That was a funny prank, for sure, but please don’t try to recreate it with your own dog. Pranks can go wrong…

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