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Phone Ring

Phone Ring

You’ve got to stop dropping your phone. You know it’s a problem, don’t even pretend. Every single time it slips out of your hand, time slows down and you know this is the one, this is finally the drop that’s gonna shatter the screen or murder the insides of the device.

Maybe you’ve been lucky so far. But why continue to risk it? Especially when the solution is so damned fashionable and downright neat!

Japan has a solid track record of greatly improving technology by making small alterations. This time we’re looking at a little ring that can fasten right to the back of your phone, making it possible to hold the device more securely by slipping a finger into the loop! The ring is collapsible for when it isn’t in use, may be rotated a full 360 degrees and also serves as a stand to prop up your phone for watching videos.

Have fun looking at everything else on their website, by the way. Hope you’ve got some spare time!

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