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Easy Microwave Cleaner

Easy Microwave Cleaner

Who’s got a microwave that would embarrass your mother if she came over for a surprise visit?

It’s okay, we get it.

Things like that have a way of slipping out of control a little bit at a time and then a lot at a time and then social services is coming over to take your children away. That’s just how it goes.

But we found a really slick gadget to fix the microwave thing, at least!

It’s called the Angry Mama (fitting) and it couldn’t be easier to use. All you gotta do is add vinegar and water to the inside of the container, screw the “head” back on and run it through a nuke sesh! The microwave turns the water and vinegar mixture to a cleaning steam, which makes all that nastiness in the microwave super easy to wipe up!

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