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Fringe Disco Jacket

Fringe Disco Jacket

Where to even start with this amazing DISCO jacket…

There’s so much going on here.

First of all, their starting point looks inspired by those ’70s polyester baseball jackets you see coaches wearing when it’s cold enough outside for their breath to show in the air as they yell at people. Check the thick ribbed trim around the bottom hem and wrists. You’ve also got hand pockets in the front.

But then it’s like “what in the hell” because they blast shooting stars on the chest and hanging fringe across the back, like an extreme overachiever of a Western wear shirt.

For the cherry on top, the word DISCO is shown in fun letters across the back, above the hanging fringe.

This jacket clearly doesn’t even know what it wants to be but that’s fine because we know what it is: awesome as fuck!

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