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Full Body Fetish Stocking

Full Body Fetish Stocking

What is this, roleplaying as a foot?

Hey, just kidding!

Like whatever you wanna like ya dang weirdos.

Probably everyone who’s into this has to know that it’s… different.

Maybe this is what happens when knee-high sock fetish grows into a thigh high stocking fetish and then grows into a… Well, you get the idea. Is this that?

Or is it some kind of, “Oh no! I’m a poor little insect caught in your big bad spider web!” thing?

That’s gotta be it.

As you can see, this is essentially a sleeping bag made of pantyhose material for your full body to get inside and close up because…

Okay, that’s still the part that we don’t get.

Someone is going to have to explain it, for real. Please, no more pictures. Just information would be good.

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