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Sneaky Snake Boxer Shorts

Sneaky Snake Boxer Shorts

Ssssssure to give someone quite a sssssexy ssssssurprise, these boxer shorts are knitted from a soft and warm acrylic fabric, so it isn’t itchy like wool.

Aside from the fact that there’s a prominent snake hanging off the front (and a bit of a tail in the back), this is in actuality a pretty vintage design. The drawstring is looped through the waist and ties in the front, just like in pictures of old-timey bare-knuckle brawlers. (Wait, is that where calling them “boxers” comes from? Minds blown.)

With that throwback inspiration, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn these shorts have a “trap door” in the back. Perfect for snake handlers who have an evening planned with someone who owns a serpent of their own! Which brings us to the point that, while offered in men’s sizes, anyone who likes the idea of having a snake in their shorts can wear a pair.

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