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Waterproof Drinking Game

Waterproof Drinking Game

It’s the drinking game you love in the party-ready format you need!

Probably every single person reading this has played Kings at a party before or at least some piece of the game in another drinking game. But we’ll run through it real fast for all the rookies.

The rules of Kings couldn’t be simpler – at least, until you add a whole bunch of alcohol and new rules to the mix….

TakeĀ a regular deck of playing cards and place them face down in a circle around a fresh can of beer. When a player pulls a card, it gives a specific taskĀ based on the face value – from give a drink to take a drink to everybody drink to a mini-game like “never have I ever” – and that’s basically it.

Loaded Kings is a deck of water-proof cards specifically designed to play Kings. Instead of regular playing card faces, the front of each card shows the task assigned to the player who drew it – with a funny little cartoon!

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