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Fake Hard Nipples

Fake Hard Nipples

Give yourself the appearance of having nipples dialed all the way up to ten at all times with a set of reusable silicone nipples!

It’s a niche product, yeah. But a certain percentage of the people reading this sentence right now will buy these damn things. How high is that percentage? You don’t know and we don’t either, so let’s find out.

This pair of nipples comes pre-loaded with an adhesive backing, ready to wear. The set is washable and can be worn over and over again, so you’ll want to pick up extra adhesive if you plan on wearing the fake nipples often.

Now, these nipples are not small. They are large and hard and will be noticed. No matter what your reason is for buying and wearing the fake nipples, it’s a good idea to have a friend look at the setup to make sure it’s doing what you want it to do.

Have fun out there!

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