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Vodka Bottle Phone Case

Vodka Bottle Phone Case

“I didn’t text you. Vodka texted you.”

We’ve all done it.

Shit, the theme of this entire website is getting drunk and shopping online, so it would be downright negligentĀ of drunkMall not to show you this hilarious phone case!

Have you ever found yourself a victim of drunk-texting?

Or maybe you know a friend who can’t help calling up an ex every time they have more than two vodka tonics?

This is the phone case for everyone with a history of drunk dialing, ill-advised intoxicated booty calls or tipsy Tindering!

If nothing else, this phone case should make it easier to keep from grabbing the wrong phone off the table at last call. It looks like a freaking bottle of vodka, after all!

Please be aware that this case is almost entirely for decorative purposes. It won’t do much to protect a dropped phone or anything like that.

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