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Rear View Sunglasses

Rear View Sunglasses

One of the reasons everyone loves James Bond movies is because homeboy always gets to play with Q’s badass new inventions. But you don’t have to be 007 to get your hands on some super sophisticated* spy gear!

Pick up some Rear View Sunglasses to keep an eye on what’s going on behind you. It’s like having a pair of eyes in the back of your head! Just remember, no one ever got to know someone they found attractive¬†by creepily spying on them from afar like in that photo…

By the way, if your favorite thing about Bond flicks really is the gadgets, you’ve gotta check out the 1991 classic If Looks Could Kill. It’s about a high school French student (Richard Grieco) who gets mistaken for a spy and just about every other scene involves him using and abusing spy gear. It’s terrible and amazing.¬†Find a way to watch it.

Back to the sunglasses: Buy them! Watch your back!

*Ok, maybe it’s not that sophisticated and these have been available to order through ads in the backs of comic books for decades – whatever, dude. Go have an internet argument about it.

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